Greeting from the president


Here we are at the 20th International Military Cross. An edition that for me will mark a transition between past and future, a transition already experienced in first person after the glorious relay of the Gesero. In the last 19 years we have faced and won many challenges, which are shown in part in this year’s brochure. We have been able to adapt to the times, proposing with courage a modern, streamlined and exciting competition, which has been able to bring to the capital several teams from all over Europe and also high level sports. Not only institutional, but also sporty and feminine. The excellent cooperation developed and constantly improved with many cantonal, municipal and private bodies allows us to look positively towards the future. A special thank you goes to our numerous volunteers and sponsors, who enable us to guarantee the running of the event every year and to raise the necessary funds for its financing. I am particularly happy to pass on the reins of the race to Andrea, who has accepted the challenge and with other young collaborators will strive to ensure a prosperous future. The now great capital of Ticino and the magnificent castles deserve to have a military and institutional presence, guaranteed by this event, which takes place in the very heart of the city. I will remain faithful to this event, even behind the scenes, and I wish all participants a fantastic 20th edition. Long live the International Military Cross!


Lt Col Stefano Brunetti