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Military Cross is a running race with special features that takes place in the beautiful setting of the Bellinzona Castles. The race is divided into four legs and can be run individually or in teams. The special features of this footrace with military roots are as follows: before the second leg you have to compete in a throwing exercise where accuracy is the main focus; the second leg is done by bicycle; and at the end of the fourth and final leg you compete in a shooting exercise with a biathlon rifle. A mix of physical strength, endurance, skill and precision is required to be the winners of Military Cross.

These special features make the competition unique, as evidenced by the praise and compliments expressed each year by the countless participants! The race is organized by an ad hoc committee under the responsibility of the Bellinzona Officers' Circle and, although the name might be a bit misleading, it is open to everyone, not just military or police.

The event has a long tradition. Born out of the Staffetta del Gesero, it is now in its 22nd year and, because of its uniqueness, attracts teams from neighboring nations every year. In past years several teams from Italy, Germany and Slovenia have battled it out along the Military Cross route.

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